Kluang Kluang


居銮 Kluang 县位于柔佛州中部,柔佛第四大城市。其马来语名称Keluang,原意指蝙蝠,且由来已久。因为昔时居銮县为蝙蝠栖息地,四处都可见到蝙蝠的踪迹,故居銮也被当地人称为“蝙蝠城”。
Kluang district is located at the middle of Johor state, it is the fourth largest city of Johor state.
Its Malay name Keluang, initially refers to a type of fruit bat. Local resident address Kluang city as “Bat Town”, as previously it is well known as one of the natural habitat for the fruit bat.

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012-7915641 (Jasmine)

No.8, Tkt 2, Jalan Duku, 86000 Kluang, Johor.

Monday to Friday 10.00am-7.00pm ; Saturday to Sunday & Public Holiday 10.00am-6.00pm; Wednesday Closed;

The Pink 提供一站式专业美甲及护甲服务。这里的美甲师们都接受过专业的训练,能依据顾客要求,喜好,结合时下流行元素,为顾客量身打造专属美甲造型。

The Pink 也有售卖美甲彩绘及护甲用品。这里的环境舒适,价格合理,一流的服务,加上亲切的美甲师,绝对能让你满意。

提供的服务包括 Service available:

*手部美甲护理 Manicure

*脚指甲美甲护理 Pedicure

*美甲接驳延长 Extension Nail

*去角质护理 Gelish

*指甲彩绘 Nail  Art



No.5B, 1ST, Jalan Sentol, 86000 Kluang, Johor.

12.00pm---8.00pm (Daily)

相信大家都喜欢在网上购买物品吧~也相信大家都知道位于地王广场对面的皇冠一站式网络代购服务中心 NetMore吧~没错,它就是网络代购啦~想买东西的兄弟姐妹们可以到NetMore这里来代购噢~~为什么小编我这么说呢?因为它即方便,服务又周到~所以啊,现在就来这里代购吧~~^3^


No.30, Ground floor, Jalan Dato Tan Seng Leong, 86000 Kluang Johor.

Monday to Friday: 11.00am-8.00pm; Saturday to Sunday: 10.00am-7.00pm;

富有多年经验的Estee Beaubella Studio的美容团队,因选择了一家可值得信赖的原着法国国际美容品牌Guinot,造就了现今的专业服务精神与概念,帮助更多人通过高效的服务以及高品质的护理,让大家拥有更多精力迎接美好人生。
Guinot品牌的形象让许多顾客都大赞满意,其独特的手法加上独一无二的机理仪器美容,让Estee Beaubella Studio的美容事业再创高峰。在Guinot的团队带领和教导下,让顾客体会到美容师不应只懂得如何洗脸,也需了懂得如何与顾客沟通,才能解决顾客的困扰。除了专业的美容服务以外,韩式嫁接睫毛也是其热门的服务项目之一。拥有8年经验的嫁接睫毛技术,让许多女性的眼睛增添了无比的魅力。不同款式,不同长度,不同厚度,让您随心所欲地营造心目中的理想睫毛。
Estee Beaubella Studio在今年初也增添了一项“汉方熏脐疗法”。随着科技的进步和人类的发展已逐渐成为一种调节内分泌和美容美体的新式瘦身疗法。这项脐疗,不但继承了中西合拼也加上独特的草本穴位按摩疗法,调节了女性荷尔蒙与内分泌所导致的肥胖问题。


07-7731588 / 012-5671588

No.25, Jalan Berangan, 86000 Kluang, Johor.

10.00am---7.00pm (Daily) Tuesday---Closed

电脑出了问题?快来”电脑维修 VRS Computer Services”吧~


*桌面 / 手提电脑维修 Desktop / Notebook Repair

*重灌视窗 Window Reprogramming

*P1 / Streamyx 申请 P1 / Streamyx Application

*上门服务 On Site Service



016-7050300 (Florence Er)

No.7, 1st Floor, Jalan Rambutan, 86000 Kluang, Johor.

Tuesday to Friday 10.00am-10.00pm ; Saturday & Sunday 10.00am-6.00pm ; Monday-Closed


016-7508188 / 010-2211081

G-10,Block H,Haji Manan,86000 Kluang,Johor

Mon-Wed 700am - 530pm; Thurs - Sun 700am-630pm; Rest on alternative Wed, every fortnightly

Sarawak Kolo Mee, as per name described, originated from Sarawak. The secret lies within the delicious noodles itself, is the “red oil”, or so called “char seow oil”, which is the oil collected during the making of barbeque pork (char seow).

Boss also research and invented some new flavours to be added in, for example unique Tom Yam flavour Kolo Mee, will definitely stunned your taste buds.


07-7766336 Fax:07-7766336

No 17-A,Tkt Bawah,Jalan Durian,86000 Kluang,Johor

Tuesday to Saturday 11.00am---9.00pm Sunday 11.00am---6.00pm Monday--Closed

Sales Computer,hardware spare part & accessories

Any make or model in laptops OR desktop repairs
维修任何品牌【DeLL brother EPSOM COMPAC APPLE lenovo BenQ ASUS acer SONY samsung FUjiTSU TOSHIBA hp】或型号的笔记本及桌上型电脑

CCTV sales,services and installation

Quickest & most affordable solution



2A, 2B Jalan Sentol Haji Manan, 86000 Kluang Johor.

10.00am-10.00pm Daily

Founded in year 2006, Roha collection has grown rapidly from a small shop, becoming a leading boutique retailer and wholesaler in just few years time. Roha collection is now a renown brand in local Kluang market, featuring beautifully designed, customized boutique to local market. The founder Ms Raha Ismail, has started her entrepreneur dream since the age of 9, credited to his mum, who been in retailing business to support the family expenses. Her successful story had been reported by few magazines and newspaper, which is encouraging and inspiring for other female entrepreneur.

Roha Collection offers a wide variety of boutique and fabric pairs, including scarf, shirt and blouse set includes brackets, blouses, tunics, veil, accessories and equipment bridegroom. Customer is able to find all of those specially designed and customized boutique that is suitable for them at Roha Collection. So wait no more! Do visit Roha Collection outlet located just opposite to Kluang Parade for your boutique solution!


Tel/Fax:07-7741133/7711133 HP:016 -7764133 Michelle Tan

1-GA,1-1A&1-1B,Block H, Jalan Lambak, Kota Medan Johbase, 86000 Kluang, Johor.

Monday to Saturday 10.00am-8.00pm; Sunday 10.00am-6.00pm;






The Seed To Life`s Rejuvenation
During the mid 90s,a japanese medical professor who researched both western and eastern medicine happened upon a Chinese herbalist who lived as a hermit in the mountains while on a research expedition.The two became firm friends for both agreed that in the passage of life,Aging and Sickness can and should be reversed even if Birth and Death cant be addressed.The two also agreed that Aging and Sickness are often rooted in a weakened liver,its imbalance and an imbalance of hormones resulting in the inability of the body`s cells to replenish at the normal rate of cell replacement.
The two then worked together to produce the cream for the perfect women- a cream that targets the health of the womb in women.

One by one,precious herbs were tested and tried, and eventually they found the ideal combination of herbal extracts that will drive the body to produce hormones that are so important to our health and vigour. Later on,with their findings, other creams that were suitable to not only women but men came into being.Rejeune was thus discovered.

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No.141, Jalan Lambak, 86000 Kluang, Johor.

Monday---Friday 8.00am---9.30pm ; Saturday---Sunday 9.00am---9.00pm



5.30pm---1.00am (Daily)


07-7771401 / 1402 / 1403 / 1441 Fax : 07-7713209

Jabatan Penilaian Jalan Pejabat Kerajaan 86000 Kluang

ISNIN-KHAMIS 8.00 pg - 12.00 tgh 2.00 ptg - 4.00 ptg JUMAAT 8.00 pg - 12.00 tgh 2.45 ptg - 4.00 ptg SABTU 8.00 pg - 12.00 tgh

Bahagian Penilaian dan Taksiran

Piagam Pelanggan

  • Memberi peluang kepada pelanggan membuat bantahan dan rayuan kepada penilaian yang dicadangkan.
  • Memberi perkhidmatan kaunter yang cekap, berkualiti termasuk menambah bilangan pekerja dan waktu perkhidmatan apabila diperlukan
  • Bil-bil cukai taksiran akan dikeluarkan dan dihantar tidak lewat dari 25hb Januari bagi separuh tahun pertama dan 25hb Julai bagi separuh tahun kedua.